Nuisance Animal Control in Wisconsin Rapids, WI

As part of our exclusion services, we seal entry points, install screens over vents, and provide your home with other barriers that wildlife cannot get through. Our wildlife proofing techniques at Wildlife Patrol have given residents throughout Wisconsin Rapids, WI, and the surrounding area the protection they need to live free of nuisance animals.

Along with our other services, we will check chimneys and plumbing vents, roof vents and poorly sealed spaces, holes in the siding, and inspect porches and decks to ensure no wildlife has made entry. With our experience in the industry, we are able to identify the crucial areas and take the precautions necessary to keep animals out. We take care of your jobs from start to finish, including damage repair. 

Our Services

  • Complete Walkthrough of the Property
  • Start to finish service
  • Mole  Control (We offer a no mole guarantee, we don't catch one, you don't pay) 
  • Raccoon  Control
  • Bat  Control (Only certified bat removal company in area)
  • Skunk  Control
  • Bird Control
  • We are the only certified Ridge Guard installers in the area. 
Wildlife Patrol LLC spraying the cupboards for a client.

We will explain all the ways that wildlife can make entry into your home. With these explanations, we will work with you to take preventive measures that effectively combat wildlife. We will also perform a complete walkthrough of your home to pinpoint where the most targeted areas are.

If wildlife is present on your property during the inspection, we will take all of the precautions necessary to remove them. We believe in removing each animal humanely and will not harm them or your property while performing our services.